About Us


Welcome to Karen Leone Designs, where passion meets purpose. As the creative force behind the brand, I am committed to crafting eco-friendly reusable products that seamlessly blend style and sustainability. As a devoted mother with a deep love for nature, it is important to me that future generations can have a happy healthy planet. Join me in making conscious choices that celebrate the beauty of our earth. Together all our small changes can add up to greater impact.

Karen Leone

The biggest misconception is that my name is Karen. Well then who the heck is Karen Leone you ask? Karen Leone was my mother and funnily enough even she didn't go by Karen, she was a Leone through and through. She was a quirky creative genius in every aspect and in every sense. She was an avid sewer, although her love was in clothing. From making matching outfits for friends and I when we were younger to stylish little jackets for my kids. She was a wild and powerful woman and it was a no brainer when it came time to name my company!!


Then there is me, Bailey, and despite it saying 'we' all over my website I am the one and only behind it all. I am a nature enthusiast with a passion for the great outdoors, from hiking to snowboarding I love it all. Growing up I was taught to "Take only picture, and leave only footprints" so I have created this company to help others do the same. I am dedicated to make sure that there is something for everyone both in style and practical products. Never one to sit still, my dynamic spirit fuels both my love for nature and a commitment to cherish our planet. (And yes, chat GPT helped write this bio because while my mom was a linguistics professor, I did not get that gene)